Sample Letter to Medical Provider by Crime Victim


NOTE to Crime Victim:  This is an example of an letter you can send to a medical provider asking them to continue providing you with treatment while you await payment from OVS.


[Medical Provider Name and Address]

Re: Claimant Name __________________________   
Office of Victim Service Claim # ___________________ 

Dear Medical Service Provider:

Please be advised that I am a victim of crime.  I have filed an application for compensation from the New York State Office of Victim Services. The compensation process can be lengthy in some cases. I ask that you DO NOT deny me medical attention. I greatly appreciate your continued understanding and patience in this situation.

If you have any questions regarding this specific case, you may call the Office of Victim Services at (518) 457-8727 and provide claim # ________________. The Office of Victim Services is located at Alfred E. Smith Building, 80 South Swan Street, 2nd Floor, Albany, NY 12210.


[Crime Victim Name, Address & Telephone]


  • Attachment(s): PDF
  • Organization: New York State Office of Victim Services (OVS)
  • Date Created: February 02, 2021
  • Last Updated: February 02, 2021
  • Crime Victims Compensation
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