Sample Re-Open Letter for use by Crime Victim


NOTE to Crime Victim:  Many people receive a letter from OVS telling them that they are closing their claim because of missing information or documents. This is an example of a letter you can send to OVS, along with the missing information, asking them to re-open your claim.
To re-open your claim, you must respond to OVS within 30 days after you receive the “No Info Supplied” letter from them.


Re:  Claim No.  _______________________

Dear Claims Investigator:

I am writing regarding the above-referenced claim number. I ask that you please re-open/reactivate my claim listed above.

NOTE to Crime Victim:  Below are Examples of Reasons to Re-Open a Claim. Your letter should be based on information requested from OVS that you are now providing.

Enclosed is my Change of Address form which I would like all future correspondence sent to. My new address is: _____________________________.

An incident report has been requested from the [ _______________ Police Department or  _______________ County Department of Corrections] and will be forwarded to your office as soon as I receive it.

The incident report from [_______________ Police Department] is enclosed.

My employer never received an Employment questionnaire to submit to OVS. Kindly mail me a copy of the Employment Questionnaire and forward a copy to my employer at:  [Employer Name & Address]

Medical documentation, bills, and receipts are enclosed.  

Thank you.


[Name with Signature & Address]

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  • Organization: New York State Office of Victim Services (OVS)
  • Date Created: February 02, 2021
  • Last Updated: February 02, 2021
  • Crime Victims Compensation
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