How can this online resource help?

This online resource can connect victims of crime to civil legal information and resources in areas such as housing, family law, employment, and immigration. Through this online resource, crime victims can access a range of legal services, such as:

  • Know your rights information
  • Do-it-yourself forms
  • Legal advice and representation

Not sure of whether a crime has happened to you? Learn more about types of crime and the rights of crime victims.

If you know the kind of legal assistance you need, the Legal Services Help Directory can direct you to the right service providers. The Legal Directory currently lists resources for all counties in New York State. Using the Legal Directory, you may be referred to a civil legal organization that can receive direct client referrals through this online resource. These organizations are Referral Partners of the Crime Victims Legal Network, so connecting with them will be easier. We can’t guarantee that the referral partner organization can represent you, but they will help you find resources that you can use.

The Know Your Rights library has information about your rights as a crime victim and other information that may help you understand your options.  You can also find a number of DIY forms that may help you take the next step to resolve your legal issue.

If you need help finding information on this website, you can use LiveHelp to chat with someone who can direct you to the right resource. The LiveHelp staff cannot give you legal advice, but they can help you find the information you need to address your legal concern.

In 2019, advocates will have access to additional resources through a secure portal.  

Interested in learning more? Download our flyer about New York Crime Victims Legal Help (PDF format) 

Looking for information about criminal court?  Learn about criminal court basics or talk to a crime victim advocate near you. 



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