Our core values

The work of the NY Crime Victims Legal Network (CVLN or Network) and the development of the website are guided by these core values:

Accessibility:  The Network is committed to increasing crime victims’ access to information and resources.

Client-Centered:  The Network promotes a client-centered approach to service delivery that focuses on the needs and concerns of the crime victim.  A client-centered approach helps ensure the delivery of services in a nonjudgmental manner, at the same time empowering clients as engaged participants.

Culturally Competent:  The Network promotes the delivery of culturally competent services that values the diversity of crime victims.  

Ease of Use:  The Network’s technology is being developed in a manner that prioritizes ease of use by crime victims, and helps ensure that information is easily obtained and understood.

Responsiveness:  The Network will be responsive to the needs of crime victims and those assisting them, and will be adapted as needed.

Security:  The Network is developing its online resource mindful of crime victims’ need for safety and the security of their confidential information. 

Sustainability:  The Network is being developed with an eye towards sustainability. The management and coordination of resources to ensure its continuation and success beyond the grant period is a priority.

Trauma-Informed:  The Network promotes the delivery of trauma-informed services that reflect providers’ understanding of trauma and its impact on crime victims.  The trauma-informed approach seeks to minimize victim re-traumatization, and recognizes the need to address secondary traumatization in providers.

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