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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

We recognize the impact that Covid-19 is having on our community, and we want to reassure you that there are resources available to help you during this difficult time. Please remember, there are people who can help you manage your feelings, stress, and anxiety that this crisis has caused. You are not alone.


Document Notarization

Starting June 24, 2021, documents can no longer be notarized electronically. This had been allowed during the pandemic. 



Courts are gradually returning to in-person operations. In some areas, civil and criminal jury trials resumed, and on May 24, 2021, all judges and court staff returned to in-person work. Some matters will still be held virtually (through the use of technology, such as Microsoft Teams or teleconference). The type of cases that are being heard may depend on the jurisdiction (area) you live.

Updated rules about the courts response to Covid can be found NY Courts website.  

NOTE: As of 8/13/21, everyone entering the court buildings must wear a mask. 

To find out more, talk to a lawyer in your county, or speak to a crime victim advocate, or go to the NY Courts website.


Resources on NY Crime Victims Legal Help

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Additional Resources

Updated January 12, 2022